Is a kind of middle school between primary school and high school. We educate students from 5th to 8th grade. We have more than 1000 students at the moment. Our main purpose is to prepare them for high school entrance exams because in Turkey all schools, including vocational high schools, accept their students according to the results of these entrance exams which are given at the same time all over the country.


BORUSAN OTOMOTIV ZEHRA NURHAN KOCABIYIK ORTAOKULU is one of the most popular and successfull schools in Istanbul, which increases the demand for our school. This demand largely comes from highly educated families who have better and higher standard of living than the average population.


We have 45 teachers all of whom are specialized in one or two subjects, so each subject is taught by a different and experienced teacher. All of the teachers are given a seminar twice a year about pedagogical approaches, new educational methods and lesson planning. Thus they are all open to new learning strategies and methods.


The school differs from the other participating schools in one fascinating aspect: Students and teachers represent a cultural mix. They represent the European, the Anatolian, and the Balkanian culture. Thinking of a Europe that grows together, especially this aspect of a living together opens the eyes of our students to the idea of Europe.