The school has approximately 2200 students and 180 teachers. There are hearing impaired students and students with special needs. The working fields of the vocational training are areas linked with the working world, e.g. printing, wood work, metal work, cooking, gardening, electronics, tourism, and telecommunication. These working fields are the first contact with the working world for the students. This contact can be very important for the students of other schools in order to improve their knowledge about some working fields by gaining a first insight. The teachers are high-level specialists in these areas. They can bring their experience into the project. The school has a very high level of experience with European projects, especially with respect to involve students with special needs.


Being a vocational school is very important for our project when it comes to the project’s area of arts, crafts, and products. Thus we can easily organize the Medieval Fair and be responsible for the cooking at this event.


La Rosaleda, Borusan Otomotiva,  Agrupamento de Escolas de Sousel and Leibniz Gymnasium are  inclusive schools, thus teachers can exchange first-hand experience and learn from each other.