Primary school Lava is located in the suburban area of Celje, which is the third largest city in Slovenia. Students from the age of 6 to 14 attend it. There are nine grades of primary school in Slovenia. Approximately 400 pupils are educated at our school and there are about 45 teachers employed.


The students who will take part in the project are from grades 7 to 9, i.e. aged 12 to 14. Most of our pupils are involved in extracurricular activities, like attending foreign language classes, doing sports activities including football, basketball, handball, swimming, playing musical instruments, taking part in arts classes as well as in media, ecology and other interest groups.


There is a strong focus on learning languages, especially in early education. Children start learning English in the first grade and learning German as an elective subject in the 4th grade.


Our area of expertise is the field of science, innovation and creativity.


We participate in the national project called “Encouragement of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity” among the students, which was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.


This year we got involved in the national project called “Formative Assessment”, which provides information for teachers needed to adjust teaching and learning simultaneously. The process serves as practice for the students and as a check for understanding their learning process.  The formative assessment process guides teachers to make decisions about future instructions.


We have joined the movement “Growing Book” this year to increase awareness of values needed for life.


Students are also successfully taking part in different competitions.


We would like to add the European dimension to our school and its activities, and we believe to make the first important step by our active participation in this project.