Our school is one of a larger unit of schools with 6 different buildings, allocated in the four districts which belong to the county. In two of the districts there are two buildings (primary school and kindergarten), another one has one building for both and in the heart of the county we have a new building with students from kindergarten to secondary school. We have around 650 students aged 3-21.


In our school we have a music school where the students can begin their music studies in year 5. This school has a specific curriculum for students who wish to learn music alongside the regular curriculum. The participating student group is from grade 7 and 8, i.e. age 12 to 14.


Our school has a lot of experience with European cooperation, and supports the needs of economically deprived children. Because we are a basic school, we focus on vocational courses at secondary level in order to certificate not only academic skills, but also professional ones; professional areas are connected to the regional economic needs. We also have two different classes on basic level with this double certificate. In our school students can learn foreign languages such as English, Spanish, French and German.


We are very interested in learning more about different ways of teaching, higher order thinking and rich learning environments because we believe we can develop different strategies with this new knowledge in order to increase our students´ motivation to learn and also to have better marks, because these are some of the goals of the school board.