CBS Holk is a regular school for primary education in Nijkerk, in the centre of The Netherlands. We have approximately 350 pupils. The age of the pupils is between 4 and 12 years. The school is also open for children with special needs, such as dyslexia, autism, and learning disorders. Staff and teachers get extra in house training to cope with the children who have special needs.


The school concept offers children the opportunity to work independently and also allows them to make their own choices in the learning program. The school also encourages social-emotional development.


The school is now in a transition-phase from working in a regular ‘year-class-system’ changing into working in ‘units’, where children from different classes, but with the same knowledge-level, work together. Main focus is on mathematics and language, but this will be expanded and broadened to cover the whole curriculum in the years to come.


Alternative teaching methods and didactics are used to cover the differences between children and also to combine different skills and subjects.


Teachers and staff are familiar with collegial consultations and giving and receiving feedback.


There are meetings with school-developing experts planned for the next few years to ensure the progress.


The school also has several experts in mathematics and behaviour within the teacher-group. If needed, these teacher-experts can support colleagues in our own school or are delegated to other schools.


These teachers can also be of help to the other participating schools in this project, to offer support and knowledge to the other project partners.