A secondary school from 5th to 12th grade. The school has approximately 1000 students and 100 teachers plus 30 teacher trainees who attend the teacher training seminar that is associated with the school. The students are aged 10-18; those who take part in the project are from grades 7 to 8, i.e. aged 12 to 14.


The school is on its way to new pedagogical and room concepts because of getting an entire new school building. The new cluster system will go hand in hand with alternative teaching methods and didactics alongside with traditional ways of teaching. Having a teacher training seminar, all of the teachers are in permanent contact with new ideas, new methods and ways to enhance and evaluate teaching and giving feedback to students and student teachers alike. In Bavaria, the Leibniz-Gymnasium has been a role model for an inclusive school since 1966. The teachers are well-experienced in educating and integrating students with special needs. Furthermore, the teachers are supported by special staff taking care of the inclusive students. There are two main focuses at the school, one on languages, and the other one on sciences.  The students learn English, French, Spanish, Latin and Chinese. In the field of sciences and debating the school takes part successfully in different competitions.